Thursday, June 7, 2012

He's a rollin along!

Early this morning Creighton was crying so Drew went in to give him his pacifier, and found him on his stomach! Drew turned him over but within about fifteen minutes he was crying again. I went in there this time and found him on his stomach again! Yeah! It's about time. All his other baby friends were showing him up, and we can't have that happening now can we? Then I watched him roll over later in the day. I'm such a proud momma! I have been amazed at how even in the last few days, how much Creighton has changed. He is laughing more, starting to grab at stuff, rolling both ways, playing with his feet. It's just so fun! We love our little man. :)

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Chelsi said...

What a handsome little guy! That must be so fun to watch. Good luck moving to St. George, hope everything goes as smoothly as possible. :)