Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's the Most wonderful time of the year

Christmas came so fast this year. It blows my mind. I have been loving the holiday season this year. I think the reason being is that I am in charge. I have planned it, I have done the shopping, I have done the decorating. I just love it! The best part has been that I can share it with someone I love so much. Btw, shopping for him, not an easy thing to do. He kept ruining everything. Just when I would come up with a great idea, such as getting the black ops game for him, he goes out and buys it. Awesome. My next outstanding idea was to get some sort of a snowboarding pass for him. Well that didn't last long. His friend has one he can use. Which I guess is a good thing since they are so much money. But now what? Oh don't you worry. I got a few great things for him, but I can't tell you yet, it will ruin the surprise for him.

My all time favorite thing about christmas time has been the fun things I have been able to do with Drew. We went on a double date to temple square (which by the way was our very first date:)) with Steph. I wish I had pictures, but I still can't find my camera. Such a bummer! We have also been to nicklecade, a mexican resturant, thanksgiving point, and the riverwoods.

I cannot believe that I have finished my first semester of college. Which brings me to the exciting news..... Starting in January, I will be attending Taylor Andrews. Words cannot describe how unbelievably stoked I am. And I am finally feeling better and am back at work. Yeah!

I promise I will be better at updating this next year. :)

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Kalynn Eve said...

It sounds like you're loving life! I am so happy for you, Rach!