Friday, January 28, 2011

Whut the Whuuut??

This month has been nothing but hectic. Crazy, but good. I have quite a bit of good news. First off, let me just preface by saying my last post was a bit un organized, that was because of the horrendous bronchitis I had. Not having a brain is one of my flaws while being sick, and that was very obvious in my last post.

So, crazy much? I love how when its right, everything falls into place. About two weeks ago, maybe less, drew and I were talking in the car on the way home and I mentioned how I wished we lived closer to some friends of ours. It all started out as just joking, but quickly turned serious. We started listing the pros and cons, and realized that the pros outweigh the cons. We prayed about it and started looking at apartments. It is now official. We are moving to Murray. I will attend Taylor Andrews with my amazing scholarship, Drew and I are both transferring our jobs up to Sandy, and Drew will attend SLCC. I am so excited I cannot even begin to tell you. Three bedrooms, a much bigger kitchen, a dishwasher (which words cannot even describe the joy this brings me), a larger shower, new washer and dryer, and much more. Life is so great!

I feel like I need to say how grateful I have been for the gospel in my life lately. I am just so grateful for the peace that is brings to me. I love having the spirit close to me. For about the past week, I have been reading conference talks and it makes me so excited for general conference to come. I cannot wait to hear more words from our prophets. I am so grateful that I am sealed to my husband for all of eternity. I am grateful for the blessing the temple brings to me and my husband. I am so grateful for the power of prayer and the spirit that is brings to me. I am grateful for my patriarchal blessing and the guidance it gives me. I am more than grateful for the power of the priesthood that my husband has. I am so incredibly grateful for my savior and for the sacrifice he made for me. I am grateful that he knows me personally so that when I am going through a rough time, he knows exactly how to help me. I am just so grateful. :)

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♥ the carlisle said...

rachael, i hope my marriage is as amazing as yours. you and drew truly inspire me :) love you girl!