Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today I am grateful for the boys who live upstairs, for it was one of the who killed the massive spider in my house today. And let me just tell you, it was huge! I have been brave before. Just not today. This bugger was too big for me to be brave. So I walked right on outside and to my enjoyment, one of the boys from the upstairs was vacuuming his car. I politely approached him and kindly begged him to kill a spider for me. I fully admitted to him that I was to scared, and he laughed as he followed home down the stairs back into the spider infested place I do not like to call home. He look at the spider and said dang, that is pretty large, do you get a lot of these down here? Way too many was my response. After one more look at it he told me it was a wolf spider. Of course. The kind boy flicked it to the floor, smashed it with his foot, and walked out the door laughing as I thanked him profusely. I am not ashamed one bit for asking him to do it for me. Thank you boy upstairs.


♥ the carlisle said...

i'm totally the same way! during mentoring the other day, a pet store came in and did a presentation with all these animals. she pulled out a tarantula and i sat up so fast that everyone was startled and i walked as far away as i could. all the kids made fun of me. it's fine. oh, and i cry when i see spiders in my house. that's all.

Me said...

I am so glad you feel the same way as me. I tell drew often how much I hate living here. My mom keeps telling me that I should tell the management company to send an exterminator out.