Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Honeymoon/College/Ghetto Apartment

So pretty sure a lot has happened since we got married three weeks ago. I am still waiting for pictures from our wedding. But it's fine. Im patient. Sometimes. Ok I am really struggling waiting, but I know when I get them back, they will be amazing!

Our honeymoon was so awesome! Can you say the best hook ups? The first two nights we stayed in Salt Lake in an incredibly nice hotel. One of my neighbors was so awesome and let us stay for free. It was so nice because after a long exhausting wedding day, we were able to sleep in the next day instead of drive to California immediately. Our mistake: leaving the redbox movie in the dvd player. Bummer! We took the long drive to California on Sunday. Poor Drew... I get very car sick, so planning ahead, I took some dramamine. The only problem was this one was different than what I had used before. Even though it said "non-drowsy", they lied! I fell asleep and didn't wake up for four hours. Like I said, poor Drew! We barley made it there. My amazing cousin hooked us up with a hotel for just about $70 bucks a night. And just let me tell you. It was a dang nice hotel! Pretty much we just partied and played all week! The beach twice, disneyland (Which was also given to us for free by my parents way awesome amazing friend) twice, Knottsberry Farm, Pirates dinner adventure, swimming, swimming, more swimming, and lots of sleep. Anyways, I will go into more detail later, but we had a ton of fun!

Soooo..... College anyone? Yes Please! Can you say so much easier than high school? Just sayin. Im sure it will get more difficult, but as for now I am in love! Easy classes, almost no homework. Life is good!

Now onto the ghetto apartment. Trust me. Its pretty ghetto. Right now as I speak, there is a man fixing stuff for us. We had to fill out a damage sheet and when we handed it in, they were pretty shocked with how much was damaged. I love it though:) He is fixing little things like oh you know, a cracked window, a light switch that only turns off it is half way down, doors that don't have knobs, and a stove that electricuted me. Scary? Yes! But he is fixng it all. Thank you!

So for now that is the end of my story. But don't worry, I still have plenty more:)

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