Sunday, August 29, 2010

The most perfect wedding:)

Everyone says that every girl dreams of their wedding day. Well. I must not be one of those every girls. The only thing I knew about my wedding was the type of dress I wanted to wear and the only reason for that was because of the modeling I did. I'm not gonna lie. When Drew and I decided to get married, I kinda had a small freak out in my mind. All of the sudden I had to plan what I wanted my dream day to be? I had no idea where to even start. But I have to say, that day was absolutely perfect! I couldn't have asked for anything better. So simple. So perfect. We really didn't have any major problems that day. I think the largest one for me personally was when I forgot my jewelry for some of our pictures. Oh well. Drew and I decided to meet at the temple early and tke our pictures before. (knowing that the lighting when we got out would be terible). The temple was so amazing. Words cannot even describe it. All I have to say though is that I am glad that drew remembers what was said, because I sure don't. We then had the luncheon with all of our wonderful family and close friends. Soon after that we headed to Talons cove and took more pictures. Now let me just say that I am having a very hard time being patient. Waiting to get my wedding pictures back is so difficult! I probably check my photographers facebook and blog at least once a day. Stalker? No... We then had ring ceremony which was so beautiful as well. I am so grateful for my Grandma, Uncle Thomas, and Drew's old bishop who were all willing to participate. Not even fifteen minutes after it ended, we were called back up to the room where to reception was to see that the room was full of people. We both felt so loved! The line wrapped around the room and seriously never ended. We finally got the chance to wrap things up by throwing the bouqet, the garter, and the dances. I LOVED dancing with Drew. Probably one of my favorite things ever. But the thing that made my cry the hardest was dancing with my daddy. I knew I would. But I still loved it. We changed quickly, my family beautifully sang The Lord Bless and Keep You. One of my favorite things ever. We were pelted with bird seed, and then we finally left. See? Perfect! I felt beautiful and I loved the full day. Btw, did I mention my shoes and Dre's socks? That's right. My shoes were orange and his socks were orange and brown. We are pretty much awesome. Anyways. As soon as I get pictures they will be up. But for now, im impatiently waiting:)


Becky said...

I'm so glad you are blogging it makes my heart very happy. Maybe I will start blogging again too. I love you sweetie-pie!

moosemark said...

I was a perfect day. And I think I held up pretty well, that is until you and I danced.