Monday, October 18, 2010

My Birthday Woo Woo!

So I just had my nineteenth birthday. It was great! I slept in, went to Cafe Rio with my mom, which I have to say is one of my all time favorite places to eat ever! I could probably eat there every day. Anyways, we then went shopping at this amazing kitchen store. Drew and I then went shopping, ate at the brick oven (I got the never ending pasta bar, again, a favorite!), and last of all, Drew and I saw thriller. So so so so so so amazing!! I absolutely loved it! I would for sure go back next year. I just had an awesome birthday:)

Yesterday, I once again had the great opportunity to celebrate my birthday. Drew and I went to my parents house to celebrate with them and my grandparents. My parents went all out with my birthday meal and let me just tell you, you should be jealous. I am drooling just thinking about it! Homemade orange chicken, homemade egg rolls, all with my favorite hot sauce;). For dessert they made such delicious pumpkin cookie oreo's. You know, like homemade oreo's, but with pumpkin cookies instead. We ate those with vanilla bean ice cream. I know, what a feast! My parents are just amazing! They seriously spent all day cooking. Oh and the greatness does not end there. I got the greatest gifts ever. Don't laugh, but I have been wanting rain boots for the longest time, and my mother got some for me! They are so cute! Black and whit polka dots:) It just goes to prove that my mom really knows me so well because she also got popcornoppolis for me. YUUUUMMMM! I can't thank her enough:) Oh don;t you worry, my mom and I are going to do a photo shoot soon with my rain boots. Pictures will be coming.

While I am at it I just have to say that I am loving married life! Drew is so good to me. I could not ask for anything better. I have the best husband ever. I can't imagine life without him. The greatest part about being nineteen is that now when people see that I am married and ask how young I am, they won't judge me. lol. I don't know what it is about that one year but it does wonders. I know I got married so fat out of high school but I know it was the right thing to do and I would not have done it any differently. Life is good:)


♥ the carlisle said...

love it :) i'm so happy for you rachael!!

miss mandi said...

i too love rainboots.
and you. i love you.
glad you're happy.