Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Break

Can you say the best Christmas Break eVeR? It didn't start so great, but as it went along things started to get better. I am still struggling with my stomach and visiting the doctor often. At the beginning of the break I had a cold and lost my voice. When it finally started to get better, I went in for another biopsy and because of the intense testing they did, I completely lost my voice again. For about four or five days I could barely even whisper. That's right, I didn't even have a voice for Christmas. Things all started to turn around when Noel came to visit. The moment she walked in my front door I started to cry. I literally was so excited that I was crying. being reunited with my refried beans for a full week was the best present I could ever ask for. we stayed up unitl at least three every night she stayed with me. After spending the night with Aubree, Noel called me up the next morning and asked if I wanted to go to a speed skating competition with her, Zeek, and his friends. Of course I said yes because who wouldn't want to spend the day with Noel and Zeek's cute friends? I ended up having way too much fun. Between meeting Drew, shopping at target with Noel, watching Drew drink mustard, blond moments with Noel, and watching movies, that was a day I will never forget. But the day did not end there. Noel and I then went to our family christmas party and won our bet about Aubree bringing Chase which meant one thing... Back Rubs! We had a ton of fun at the family party and carried on the tradition by having Noel and Aubree spend the night. Of course we stayed up late again talking about boys and everything else girls talk about. The next day Noel had a date planned for Temple Square and I was lucky enough to go with Zeek's friend, Drew. We walked around looking at the lights, ate at Applebees, and watched a movie. I had so much fun! I love when I get the chance to group with Noel. New Years eve was just as fun. Zeek and Drew came back over and we just hung out and played games. We took an adventure and hiked up to the elementary school at 10 pm to go sledding. That obviously didn't last long because it was way too cold. When midnight came we watched the ball drop and ran down the street banging trash cans. If you haven't already guessed it, Yes, I got a new years kiss from Drew. When the time came for Noel to leave, I completly lost it. She is like my other half and I really struggled watching her leave again knowing that I won't see her for another month and a half. I had to go to church right after she left with red eyes and I couldn't stop crying. At least its only a month and a half right? Since then Drew and I have hung out many times a week and gone on a few dates. We have so much fun hanging out together and I am so happy I met him.

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oh baby!!!
ha ha i love you girl!! your so cute!!
Love Kenroaster