Saturday, March 14, 2009


How could going to a dance with your cousins go so wrong? Well let me tell you how. Aubree and Noel had the great idea of us cousins grouping together for Aubree's sweethearts dance. I was so excited! Especially because I was going to be in the same group as my cousins. My school dance was also that same weekend so all of my friends from my school were already asked. Aubree had told me that one of my friends from lehi hadn't been asked yet so, I asked him. Aubree had said that he was really excited to go and I was excited too. After going to a baptism I left for Aubree's house to get ready with her. After leaving 30 minutes late we headed out to pick up our dates. Carrie and my mom took our pictures around town. All throught the pictures my date would lean away from me or stand far away from me. When we arrived back at Aubree's house my date headed straight for the love sac in the corner of the room and layed down. I headed over and sat right next to him. Aubree and her date came and sat next to us to. As we were talking my date wouldn't join in the conversation but said that he was saving up his energy for the dance. I was a little frustrated but thought oh well we will have fun at the dance. When we got to the dance the first thing my date did was head off to his friends. This happened all night. It was very rare for my date to be dancing with me. Luckily I was with my cousins and they all danced with me. THANKS GIRLS!!! :) Because I was wearing a dress I couldn't hold my keys so my date held them for me. As we were walking out to the car after the dance my date ws dangling the keys in his hand and asking if this meant he could drive the car. I looked at him and said "No Way!! You think I am going to let you drive after you weren't with me all night?! I don't think so!!!" and i grabbed my keys and walked off in front of him. Like I said, I am so grateful I was with my cousins or the whole day would have been really awkward. I LOVE MY COUSINS!


Naoma SW said...

Date dances either are sooo fun or soooo lame, have had both happen. So sorry that he was an idiot, look at the hottie he was with... Come On!

rachel said...

Seriously lame... what can you do, find someone better to take next time!! Don't worry, dating in college is waaay better! (most of the time :-) )