Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What High School is About!

Yesterday Denny's was serving there grandslam breakfast for free from 9 am to 2 pm. This week at school we have BSCT testing so our schedule is shortened. Kenna and I decided to go to her house for lunch and invited Andrew to go with us. We headed to her house and then started talking about the free breakfast we could be eating. As we were talking we realized that none of us really had important classes to go to. We called up our parents and asked them if they would excuse us from class let us stand in line for free food. They let us! So we stood in line for an hour just for some pancakes and eggs. It was so fun! As we were leaving Kenna said this is what high school is all about, skipping class for free food!

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Kenna said...

Holy cow! We had so much fun at Denny's! I can't even believe it... I really wonder what the people who were watching us take those pics were thinking. Haha! Good times!