Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm kinda a baby...

So it's true. I'm a total cry baby. Movies, books, tv commercials, blogs, music. You name it. You would think I'm always pregnant. I really can't help it though. I have come to accept it though.

Today while subbing in primary, a member of the primary presidency was teaching about how we are all children of God. She was having each of the children name ways our Heavenly Father shows his love for us. I couldn't help but tear up at all of their answers. It really is the small things that matter. Plus it was so sweet seeing these six year olds tell us how they know they are loved. I am so grateful for my Father in heaven, and that it is through my everyday life that he shows me He loves me. And that. That brings tears to my eyes.

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Nicole Calder said...

They did the same sort of thing today in our primary! They showed them the video of people singing I am a Child of God and all their faces just lit up! It was quiet the whole time! It made me tear up too. Primary is just seriously the best! :)