Saturday, January 26, 2013


We have been just a bunch of sickies around here. Creighton is finally getting over it though. Between me getting into this working thing, school, and this sick, teething madness, blogging has been kinda low on the list.

Creighton has been a whole bunch of funniness these past two days. I honestly think we were starving our child. No joke. Between teething and being sick, he really didn't want to eat much. Now that he is pretty much over that, he has been an ornery beast. Last night after work, while waiting for Drew to take a test, I fed Creighton an applesauce pack, two fruit snack packs, a full cup of milk, and he was still obviously hungry. I decided to stop by Wendy's because it was already 7:30 at this point and our night was not even close to over. Creighton proceeded to eat four chicken nuggets and a whole bunch of fries. Guys, he was so unbelievable happy. He has continued to eat like that all day today, and has been happier than he has been in weeks! Oops.....

Umm dudes, Creighton loves babies. No. Joke. He was all up on this baby at work today. Cuddling her, rocking her car seat, putting toys in her mouth, petting her head. Where does he learn these things? Seriously. The cutest thing I have ever seen. Almost makes me want another baby. Almost.

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