Sunday, August 12, 2012

And the adventure starts.

We did it. We are officially on our own again. It's kinda a bitter sweet thing. I miss my family like crazy. But it is so nice to have our very own space. And fit in that space. The drive down here was long. Very long. Mostly because our car doesn't have air conditioning. And poor little Creighton had a sweat mustache. And our car keep threatening us to overheat. So we would slow down. Which made the heat even worse. But we made it. Barely. My very awesome 15 year old brother came to help us move and hung out with us for a few days. He is pretty much the best 15 year old brother ever. We even went to Sand Hollow twice. Talk about scary. Fun, but my husband and brother pushed me out of my comfort zone. So one of my biggest fears is drowning. Like I have some pretty major anxiety about it. Drew and my bro went out to a cliff and started jumping in. Scary. Then they came back and convinced me to walk out a little farther with them. I got to where the water was at my neck when I was on my toes and I couldn't go any farther. I kinda started to have a little freak out. I tried to climb up on the rocks that were close by but slipped. And started to cry. Yep. I'm that much of a scardy cat. But I did it! I think I need swimming lessons. Who is with me?

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