Monday, January 30, 2012

The End is Near!

Well, here I am. At the very end of this pregnancy. Past the end, actually. My due date was Jan. 27. It is now Jan. 30. And I am still pregnant. This pregnancy has been harder than I ever thought it would be. But I am still so grateful for the experience. I have been having consistent contractions for a few months now. The doctors thought that I would go early so they put me on bed rest. How grateful I am that I am living back in my parents house while on bed rest. Really. Such a blessing. I would have died of boredom if I was home everyday, on the couch, all by myself. But, here we are. Past due. Its a good thing though. It is. I am so grateful our little Creighton Mckay decided to stay in a little longer rather than come early and make the hospital his home for a few weeks, or even months.
So just for fun, I thought I would list a few things I am most excited for.
-Not getting up every stinkin hour every dang night to pee. Woo hoo! I will have my bladder back!
-Non-swollen, non-bleeding gums. Yep. Because we all know its my favorite thing to wake up in the morning with bloody teeth. Its just so cute. Not!
-Being able to work out again. Hey, there is a world outside sitting on the couch?
-Being able to see my toes. Silly. I know.
-Being able to shave these beastly legs of mine.
-Hopefully not having such horrible anxiety.
-No more restless legs!
-And of course. Holding Creighton Mckay!

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