Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Year Baby!

August 13 was our one year anniversary! Crazy right? I really don't know where all the time has gone. So much has happened in one year. Life changes so fast. In one year we moved twice, I switched jobs three times, Drew switched jobs three times, I decided to go to hair school, and we found out that I am prego. Like I said, life changes! To celebrate the past year, we went to Mcgrath's fish house and watched a movie at home. It was so nice just to spend some time together. I am so happy to have married my best friend for eternity.

For anyone who has easy pregnancies, I am completely jealous of you. Mine started out just like you would expect, me sick all of the time. And my second trimester started, I started feeling better, and I thought it might just be easy. Wrong! I have had a lot of increased heart rate for absolutely no reason, and braxton hicks once ever hour since about 23 weeks along. Fun right? The doctors are still trying to figure out why my heart increases, but they say that braxton hicks are doing absolutely no harm. But just to be safe, they have pretty much put me on bed rest, which means no school. Oh well right? Well that is what I am trying to tell my self. It will all work out. In the mean time, anyone have any great books to read? 

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