Friday, July 4, 2008

"Life gives us crap!"-Dave

About two weeks ago, I was given a cortisone shot in my knee to hopefully help with the pain. The doctor told me that it would take about 2 days to start to work. After two days, instead of feeling better, I was feeling worse. I was told that if this shot did not help me, I would be put on bedrest for 6 weeks before we tried surgery. So I went back into the doctor and told hime that I have only gotten worse. Now, any walking that I do, I am in pain. He talked to the other doctors in the office and decided that bedrest would not be the best thing for me. After lots 6 months of physical therapy, many visits to the doctor, not being anle to do much physical activity, and shots, they decided that there isn't really anything left to do. We have tried pretty much everything. He said that he gets about one of every year that he can't fix. of course, I am that one this year. He said that it will probably take about another year for it to heal on its own. The next day I went and got a MRI to see if there is anything we didnt see in the x-rays that might lead to surgery, but that wasnt very possible. I will find out the results of the test next week sometime. I am almost hoping that they find something in the MRI so that we can maybe fix my pain. To make it all worse... I decided to quit cheer. I can't do anything anyways so why go. After much crying, I headed down to the gym to talk to Dave and the girls at cheer. Dave just told me that Life gives us crap. I cried with the girls and then headed out to buy some new shoes. :) Hopefully I can find something else to do with my time now that cheer isn't taking up so much time. Maybe I will blog more...haha.... right!

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