Monday, March 24, 2008


So this year for our cheer nationals, my team decided to travel to Florida. It was a blast and I don't even know where to start. I guess I will start at the very beginning.


The first day started at 3:30 in the moring. My team was required to be there at 5:00 am and I needed to take a shower, so an hour and a half seemed like enough time. Little did I know that my mom was planning on getting up with me. When i woke up, I was sure that i was getting sick. My head was throbbing, my throat was hurting, and I couldn't breath. I walked up the stairs and was startled by my mom walking down the stairs. She sat on the couch and comforted my like moms do. Soon enough I look at the clock and realize that I am supposed to leave in a half and hour and I still haven't taken a shower. I was ready in 45 minutes. My dad and I drive to the airport and I head off to Denver on an airplane at 7:10 am. I get to Denver in about a hour and a half and we had a two hour layover. A couple of other girls decided to walk around and I followed. We found this little makeup shop with a lot of samples for eyeshadow and lip gloss. Soon enough, we had created rainbows on our eyes and had bright pink lipgloss on. We headed back on the plane off to Florida. A long four hours later, we arrived in Orlando Florida. We immediatly could feel the hummidity in the air. While flying my ears had become plugged and whatever I did could not pop them. As soon as we arrived at the Gaylord Palms hotel. IT WAS HUGE!! I have never been in such a nice hotel in my life! I was lucky enough to share a room with some of my best friends on hte team; Kristien (crispy), Chelsea (strongbad), and Rachel Rondel (ronny) (By the way... my nickname is Leno.. Nd i Know what you are all thinking... Yes... Like the Late Night Show with Leno.. Cute huh?? j.k.). And by the way, we did not have a chaperone in our room. We freshened up from the plane and left to go to the Sleuths Mystery dinner. All I can say is it was really slow. When we sat down we ate our side salad as we watched the play start. It seemed to go on forever without going anywhere. At least an hour later they brought out our dinner. It was okay but not as good as I had hoped it would be. The worst part is that it just kept going. As soon as we found out who the murderer was, we walked out, and the play wasn't even over yet. We went back to the hotel and had our team meeting and family prayer. At our family prayer Dave and Justine gave us our gift for the night. We recieved a COA sweat bad with our nicknames underneath COA and a baseball shirt that said Flyerz All-stars on the front and our nicknames on the back. The one requirement is that we had to wear both of them the next day to the park. I was exhausted and scared of getting more sick so I took a shower and went straight to bed at 11:30 pm. Just about 20 minutes later I woke up to 4 more girls in my room lauging hysterically. I told them I was sick and needed my sleep but they wouldn't leave until 2:00 am. I eventually got to sleep more ornery than I wanted to be. Don't worry... I am over it now. Im not angry at them anymore.


UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HERE I COME!! We left our hotel at 8:40 am and headed over to Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios. We were there just as it opened so there weren't any lines. The first ride we rode was spiderman. AHHH! it was so scarey! We had to wear 3-d glasses and it looked like all of the bad guys were jumping right at you! There was one bad guy that had a fire gun he shot at us and I could actually feel it! It really got hot on the ride! But then spiderman came and saved the day. We then went to hulk, and dueling dragons, and Jurassic Park. Everyone was so excited to go on Jurassic park and when it started I could not see why. But it got better.... at the very end of the ride, it looks like t-rex is bending down to eat you and you drop down and get splashed by water. We rode it about 4 times just to see the funny faces we could make in the picture it took. We then went and rode all of the water rides about 7 times! I was so wet I could ring water out of my shoes if I tried. Our team all smooshed onto a bus that was already packed and headed back to the hotel. The bus was already half packed and when our team got on, we had to sit not 2, not 3, but 5 girls to a seat! And let me tell you... we smelled so bad! As soon as we got back to the hotel, we headed straight for the pool. Later that night we had pizza and went to bed early for the competition the next day.

THIRD DAY ( FRIDAY march 21)

Today was our big competition day. We competed against 11 other teams and if we made it in the top 6, then we would go to the finals the next day. Our team didn't have to be in the practice room until 1:00 so we all slept in. Dave, my coach, wanted everyones hair in straight pony tails high up on our heads. There was only one problem with this... Andrea Barney, a girl on my team, has curly hair. And when I say curly, I mean CURLY! She came into my room asking us girls for help straightening it. It took three of us; 2 with straighteners and one with a brush an hour!!! When we finally got done, we had 30 minutes to do our won hair and our make-up. After warming up all of our tumbling and jumps, we headed over to the large spring floor to go through our routine one time with music. Everything was going great until we did the pyramid stunt and Alina West, the girl I base, knee hit my nose. As soon as it hit, I felt and heard my nose crunch, but I couldn't stop stunting! My eyes were watering like crazy as I kept going throught the routine. I was not the only one who got hit. Whitney was hit in the head by a girls foot and she immediatly got a goose egg on her head and let me tell you it looked painful!!! We went out onto the floor and did an amzing routine! We came out in thrid place, which meant we would go to finals the next day. We headed back to our rooms at the hotel and got ready to go to downtown disney and Cirque Du Soleil. Cirque Du Soleil was just AMAZING!!!!!!! I have never seen anything like it in my life! The tumblibng was obsurd! And there were these little chinese girls that were doing crazy things like tumbling off each others shoulders!! After the show we shopped around downtown disney for a couple of hours and headed back to the hotel. At the hotel we had family prayer andwent to bed early again.


Again, we slept in late and headed down to the warm up room. Except something was different this time. We were only 12 points behind first place and that could easily be made up. We were sure we were going to win. All morning we were singing " We are the champions" and doing our team chant to pump us all up. The warm up was so amazing it gave Dave the chills. We had never felt so good about competing in our life! This was our moment to shine! To show Florida who really was boss. We went out and did the best routine flyerz has ever done! We came off the floor feeling amazing! By the way... Thank you grandma Judy for coming and supporting me at my competition, buying me coa clothing, and giving me money to spend through the rest of the weekend. As we were listening to the awards that night, we were expecting to get at least second, so when they called our name for fourth place, we were all to shocked to cheer. I'm not going to lie, even I cried when we got back to our hotel room. Dave gave all of us a big pep talk and we headed out to the white trash disney land.

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